• Posted by Vamp on 13 Jul 2011

This will be the last time I ever harbour the idea of getting a Lexmark Printer. If the printer even breathes or coughs out an error, I am giving it my shiny boot *glares at the stubborn machine*.

For weeks I have been getting a lot of trouble in finding the ink cartridge for the model Lexmark X9350. Almost all the stores I went to are out of stock. What are the sales men doing, sleeping on their job?

In this frustrating fiasco, I really miss my HP printer and Cannon printer. To get my hands on their ink cartridges is much more easier and can be easily found almost everywhere. Take HP for example, even though their hp ink cartridges is a bit expensive, their product availability is everywhere.

Heck, even my Mamak Stall sells their ink cartridges, without the Mi Goreng of course. Grr.. I am so changing my printer!

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One Response to “Printer Woes”

  1. Dr R Azrin Says:

    Haa Haaa…told U.. U need to get only specialised one…and use only the black lor…
    Black refill is IMPOSSIBLE..only good thing is.. USE THE COLOR CART… which is a pain to get..and harder to refill!

    See my stupid manual….. and I said to you..use it for FAXING…not printing….
    Cheap skate!

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