• Posted by Vamp on 26 Jul 2013

We are currently undergoing some maintanence for this week.

Expect some links to be removed and some posts to be edited.

We may also be doing some overhaul on the design but that is still to be confirmed as Zackire is currently in LALA land and have yet to decide any ideas for the website.

Normal postings will be up soon. Zackire.com will soon be up and running as usual!! Yippee!!!

  • Posted by Vamp on 14 Apr 2013

Wow.. time really passes very fast. One moment I was happily running around and jumping with stored energy, the next moment I became a walking penguin. I can no longer do my normal daily active routines without pausing for a long moment and taking deep breaths. Even eating has become of a torture instead of enjoyment.


I am pregnant. Heavily pregnant.

I will be coming into my 39 weeks of pregnancy tomorrow. Right now, the only thing that I can think of is when my lil angel wants to see the world. Apparently, he loves to be cuddled in my tummy and doing his yoga/ tai chi/ silat in the ungodly hours of the day.

The last check up I went, my angel has added weight to 2.8kg while I remain my constant 70kg. My gynecologist was puzzled as my weight had maintained 70kg since my 6mths of pregnancy. I did eat, but just not too much as what others may think a norm for pregnant ladies.

Being a gastric patient, I had to control my food intake because apparently, when you are pregnant, your tummy is pushed upwards and all your gastric juices get pushed along. Feeling like a bloated toad and puffer fish is never a great way to start and end a day when you are pregnant.

I would also like to have a few words with the genius who invented the terminology of “Morning Sickness”. The genius had sadistically failed to mention that the detoxing of your stomach contents can occur at anytime of the day/ night and last as long as your whole pregnancy.

My Morning Sickness lasted until I was 6mths pregnant and reoccurred again when I started my 8mths. It sucks… I also found out that I hated the smell of Calvin Klein perfumes, non-home made curry smell/food and prawns!!

Taking the public transport and being stuck in pack trains and buses was never a good experience for me. I had to constantly hold in my breaths at every jerk and turn, praying that my stomach contents doesn’t make itself present to the public.

And to have your tummy being pushed and poked by bags and people was torturous…

Anyway, all the stuffs for my lil boy is ready and waiting for him to make his royal appearance.

Need to go off now. He is once again kicking up a storm.

Til Next time!!

  • Posted by Vamp on 11 Aug 2012

*Sweeps sweeps*


Wow.. It’s been a long while since the last update. I have to apologise on me being MIA. A few of my accounts were hacked and for that I have tons of rubbish, spams, alien registered users etc.

I love members, and always encourage new users to register etc however since the latest abuse of security, I am suspending all new registrations.

I will only activate new users once I have deem that there are no more crocodiles and hungry piranhas swimming around my sites.

Til next time my dearies!

  • Posted by Vamp on 07 Apr 2012

It has been a very long time since I last update. *smiles sheepishly* I guess with work, family time and other important stuffs, I totally forgot to update my poor blog. Hmm.. or should I just say I was plain too lazy to update.

Fact is, I am lazy. By they time I ever got back home its 9pm and by then the only thing that runs in my mind like a laser fair is SLEEP. Oh and food. Food is important so I wouldn’t be awaken by my grumbling stomach in the middle of the night.

Sadly I have to admit that I can’t seem to add anything into this post today. Oh wait!! I went for a long drive around the western part of Johor. Had breakfast at Tmn University Wet Market. Lunch was at Mersing Jetty, the prawns and sotong were super huge!!! And dinner *peeks over her shoulder* will be at home.

The drive to Mersing was fantastic. There were many ups and downs and sharp curves which Dad indulges me with his F1 driving. Yes I was squealing like an excited little girl as he steadfastly handles the 270° and 90° corners. It was exhilarating! The bumps were a welcome reprieve to me also.

I had almost forgotten the fun of just being out and driven around through the country roads in Malaysia (Felcra/ Felda plantations). Growing up having with parents that love the outdoors, I was almost tempted to ask my dad to park our car near a bridge and just dive into one of the small rivers that meanders through the roads. Yes my dear gents and ladies, my family do those impromptu activities.

Too bad I didn’t have my travel pack and passport with me while we were at Mersing. I was almost tempted to flag a ferry down for ourselves and glide through the waves to Tioman / Sibu Island.

  • Posted by Vamp on 28 Jan 2012

It was a much deserved break. Days of cooping up in the house, tends to grate on my nerves, at times I find myself questioning my very sanity.. Well without much ado and a spontaneous invite from my dad, we hopped on into/onto our vehicles and headed out to Batu Layar Beach.

My hubby and I took the new fast route, the new Desaru-Pasir Gudang highway from Ulu Tiram. The journey was cut by 30%. Originally, from Ulu Tiram to Desaru its 97km, but with the new highway its been cut to 54km. The  ride was smooth, fast and scenic. Its truly scenic as the route cuts across a few unknown large rivers and I get to see oil platforms. Hehehe.. yes I’m a bit weird but being brought up with heavy marine industry as one of my interest, I was chirping with glee when I caught sight of them.

Initially dad wanted to check out Tanjung Balau Beach. We did reach Tjg Balau.The resort looks promising and the amenities were surprisingly good. However, the beach is below my expectations. Having brought up almost with a visit to the beach almost weekly, I was dissatisfied with the man made looking beach. The waves were too choppy and only thing anyone could ever do during the Monsoon season with the red flag firmly planted to the ground is either to play sand castle or to surf (at your own risk).

However Tjg Balau has their own surfer rescue life guard, complete with the surfboard and is always ready to save any unfortunate(stubborn) souls who cross waves with the notorious sea.

After the short visit to that place, we once again headed out to our favourite place to swim, Batu Layar. It’s quiet, clean and the toilet is in much greater condition than the rest of the paid toilets found further up. It’s Mutiara Bay. Lovely friendly locals who charged a reasonable price for the usage of their facilities and parking space. It’s kept clean so visitors would never have to worry about their packed food being attacked by unwanted pests.

Since the location of the place is not that open into the South China Sea unlike to Tjg Balau and Dessaru, its a much safer place to swim. You may try your luck at fishing but the best I’ve ever gotten from there is just a baby grouper and Unga Tanda. But be wary of where you swim as some places has rocks and corals located in the waters.

Apart from it, everything is enjoyable and great.

  • Posted by Vamp on 16 Jan 2012

*cough cough* Well… this is certainly embarrassing. I didn’t realise that it was months since my last update. Thoroughly embarrassing.. *hides from the angry readers with pitchforks*

Nothing much has happened. I finally got married amidst my jittery feelings and negative aura which happens to be my evil demon side etc… OK enough of my personal life. I got married, got a new job and had a time of my life terrorising my colleagues every time I feel stress with work. So love my work.. lol

Will be posting my decent wedding pictures soon, once I get a proper collection of my photos and free self-time *glares at her husband*.

See you darlings next time! Hopefully soon in the next few days :)

  • Posted by Vamp on 26 Oct 2011

Blink..blink..blink.. I have thought time will drag but when you’re busy, time flies really fast. Before I know it, I have a few meager weeks to enjoy whatever is left of my single hood. Some did ask me how I am feeling about my big day, and I answered them as I have always felt, nonchalant.

Yes yes yes… I am feeling not even the slightest feeling of panic etc. What I feel everyday and especially by the end of the day is TIRED. Yup, too tired to even think properly that by the time I have my head on the pillow, I immediately fall asleep.

And yes, ever since my BATA office shoes peeled cracked and peeled off, I have to resort into using a pair of sport shoes to work. That BATA shoes died exactly one month from the date I bought it. I never understand how a pair of RM59.00 shoes managed to crack and peel off right under my own two feet. I doubt, I was that rugged.

Perhaps the next time I buy a pair of shoes, I’d consider either a pair of safety boots or english riding boots. The later having the advantage of not getting my feet wet during a rainy season.

  • Posted by Vamp on 08 Oct 2011

It has been a long while since I last updated this blog. It has taken up plenty of dust and lots of cobwebs decorated this place. A lot of things had happened while I was away.

Firstly, I got new job. Hurray for me! I am currently engaged to MDA under NCS Pte Ltd as Desktop Support Engineer. Working life here is good with plenty of friendly faces. It is a fast pace environment but manageable. In fact I am very pleased with the current team mates. All for one, one for all!

Commuting to work no longer a chore. In fact I prefer having it at the pace I am assigned to. I head out to work from Causeway but uses the Secondlink when I return from work. No stress for me there!

Anyway, for those who are looking for Optician Jobs, feel free to drop by at that link. Gotta go now!!

  • Posted by Vamp on 13 Jul 2011

This will be the last time I ever harbour the idea of getting a Lexmark Printer. If the printer even breathes or coughs out an error, I am giving it my shiny boot *glares at the stubborn machine*.

For weeks I have been getting a lot of trouble in finding the ink cartridge for the model Lexmark X9350. Almost all the stores I went to are out of stock. What are the sales men doing, sleeping on their job?

In this frustrating fiasco, I really miss my HP printer and Cannon printer. To get my hands on their ink cartridges is much more easier and can be easily found almost everywhere. Take HP for example, even though their hp ink cartridges is a bit expensive, their product availability is everywhere.

Heck, even my Mamak Stall sells their ink cartridges, without the Mi Goreng of course. Grr.. I am so changing my printer!

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*blinks in confusion* Ok..

Pardon my lost in space moment there. I just recently updated my WordPress and the latest version is almost similar to the usual old one that I have been using. My favourite easy navigator bar is missing and has been replaced with something much more..elegant and it looks neater and hmm.. simplified. I hope I did get the right word for that description.

Lately everyone is in the shopping mood as the Mid-Year sale is still on. Almost all the items are slashed at a startling price. I would have joined the fray if I had the funds for it. A few weeks ago, Casio was having a great discount and most of their funky watches were priced below SGD$100.

I am a fan of watches and would love to buy those unique watches. I was entranced by a particular bulova watch but after looking at the price, I made a beeline for the exit. Usually I would just get the cheap ones in Bugis St as they are priced below SGD$10. My mock up leather strap big funky watched I had previously bought was $5.

Previously,  BHG was having a DBS/ POSB debit/credit card member close sale and the atmosphere was very staggering. I was overwhelmed by the surge of crowd that went crazy with their shopping. People were literally ransacking the shelves.

I did take a look at the prices. They were cheaper than usual but after comparing the prices in Malaysia, I’d rather get it in Malaysia than in Singapore. Less bulk for me to carry and lesser impact on my pocket.

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